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Merel Godelieve

slave free


Oh, hello! Welcome to my website! I'm the creative mind behind FLOUR. I've a sweet passion for pastry art and I love to share my confectionary vision.


I recently sold my vegan coffeehouse & bakery in Maastricht and I've travelled to the UK and Russia to learn more about pastry art. Right now I'm working fulltime on FLOUR and I'm writing my second novel.


My interest in plant-based baking lies in the hope to bring everybody, despite any dietary wishes, the joy of pastries and to do a little good in the world, one cake at a time.

Some random facts:

1. I do not like chocolate or ice cream

2. I've got a Masters degree in Corporate Law

3. I alwaaaays loose my keys

4. I dream of a small (Mediterranean) eco-farm where I can offer retreats for people who need it. 

Love, Merel

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