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are all of your cakes really vegan?

do you make non-vegan cakes?

When we say vegan we really mean 100% plant-based. This means that we don't use any animal products: no milk, animal based e-numbers, eggs, cream, yogurt, gelatin, butter, cheese, honey or animal-based food coloring. Aditionally we try to avoid the use of palm oil products.


The Cakery is a vegan bakery, but, we do not like to disappoint. It is your cake after all. We would like to hear about your specific wishes and maybe we can make it work.

how do you price your cakes?

All cakes are different. It depends on your wishes. But in general:

- Wedding cakes start from 7 euro per person with a minimum of 200 euro

- sweet tables start from 7 euro per person

- All other cakes start from 45 euro

Do you have a small wedding? No problem, just sent an inquiry. We can adapt the prices.

do you deliver?

Yes, we do. We will ask an extra fee for every delivery. The price depends on the distance. 

which baking techniques can you use?

For covering: buttercream frosting, fondant, velour, isomalt, ganache, (semi-) naked covering

For decorating: chocolate drips, handmade sugar flowers, fresh flowers, marble effect, dried pear technique, ruffles, hand-piped flowers, waffer paper & candy covering



which cake flavors can I choose?

Basically anything. But to give you an idea: orange, chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, mocha, carrot, rose,champagne, raspberry, banana, apple etc.

do you do international shipping/deliveries/orders?

Maybe. Depends on the cake, the time-lines and your wishes. Let's get in touch!

by when do I need to order?

For wedding cakes & sweet tables: preferably 3 months in advance. But we will try to bake your cake if you have a last minutes request, which is at least 7 days ahead of the bid day.

For celebration cakes: a minimum of 3 days ahead of time

where are you based?

At the Loeff Berchmakerstraat in Utrecht. Right in the heart of the Netherlands.

do I need to make a down payment?



Yes, we ask a down payment for all wedding cakes and sweet tables. You pay 50% of the total amount 3 days after the confirmations, and the other 50% is due two weeks before the wedding.


For celebration cakes: we ask a 50% deposit for all cakes over 50 euro, due 3 days after confirmation of your order. 

which frosting flavors can I choose?

It depends on what color of your cake, but in general a lot: peanut butter, speculoos, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, raspberry, banana, orange, oreo, matcha, spirulina, lemon, almond butter, rose, mint and much more. 

how can I get in contact with The Cakery?

You can fill in the contact form

You can call us at 00316 42175193

You can sent an email to:

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